Sunday, September 18, 2011

"Education Continuing": Workshops and Seminars

Thomas Duckworth, L.Ac.
Doctor of Kototama Life Medicine
Institute of American Acupuncture & Life Medicine

Education Continuing

There have been many inquiries about Kototama Classes and folks wanting to learn more about stress management and centering through meditation. The public is most welcome to these classes and activities.


Every month we celebrate life, living and all those who came before us, allowing us to live. This celebration, JIZO BOSATSU CEREMONY, takes place here at IAALM/NLTC headquarters at 10 am on the Sunday approaching the 23rd of each month. Jizo Bosatsu Ceremony will be held on September 18th; October 23rd; November 20th; and December 18th.

Come join us. There is no fee for this activity.

Meditation, Chanting & ‘Prayer’ 6:30pm-7:30pm
Thursday: Oct 6th - Buddhist-style meditation
Thursday: Nov 3rd – Hindu-style chanting
Thursday: Dec 1st – Christian-style Contemplative Prayer
Cost: tax deductible goodwill donation to IAALM

Kototama Sound Class & Practice 6:30pm-7:30pm
Thursday: Oct 20th - E Dimension
November17th – Yi Dimension
Dec 15th - O Dimension
Cost: tax deductible goodwill donation to IAALM

Consumer Workshops – “Taking Charge of Me”

4 hours -9am-1pm $40 per person – maximum 10 attendees
Oct 1st - Self-handwork/Self-health
Oct 22nd - Massage for Couples - Fun For the Health of It
Nov 19th - Healing from the Kitchen – Thoughts & Foods to Chew on
Dec 3rd - Spiritual Exercises to Enhance Your Own Journey
Jan 21, 2012 – Spiritual Exercises to Continue Your Journey
Feb 18, 2012 - Massage for Couples-Be Relaxed Valentine
(this class may not be offered until March )

To reserve a space, call (314) 991-6044

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Nakazono’s Way - Hands Healing Spirit

Sept 24 - 25, 2011

In the Kototama Medicine lineage, founded by M. M. Nakazono Osensei, a student of Meridian Therapy learns to address deficiency and excess through Hand Ki (Te A Te) before the study of needling or moxibustion even begins. In this workshop, the participant studies “the way of the hands” to guide energy (Ki) back to optimal function. Anma, Shiatsu, Ampuku, Kappo, Sakai Hon Li and Nakazono Te A Te and their relationship to myaku (meridians) and tsubo (points) will be studied.

This workshop, approved by the NCCAOM for 15 PDA's, will be conducted at Natural Life Therapy Clinic/Institute of American Acupuncture, 443 N. New Ballas Rd, Suite #224, St. Louis, MO 63141 from 9 am - 5:30 pm on both days. It is open to certified and non-certified acupuncturists, MD's, DO's, RN's, chiropractors, massage therapists, physical and occupational therapists and anyone wishing to learn 'hands-on medicine.' Wear loose, comfortable clothing.

Fee: $240 - cash or check only ($216 if received in the mail before Sept 23, 2011). Questions? Write to this e-address:

In health,
Thomas Duckworth, L.Ac., Doctor of Kototama Life Medicine, Executive Director, IAALM

Of musical interest to our patients...

Shantala - An Evening of Sacred Chanting

Friday, September 30, 2011 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

First Unitarian Church, 5007 Waterman, Central West End

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Video Reviews with Dr. Duckworth

This 'one-handed reload technique,' was brought to the U.S. by my teacher, Masahilo Nakazono Sensei. This technique is taught in Japan but not China and not in the U.S. (actually, some of my students are now teaching in Acupuncture Colleges and teach this technique). This technique shows the practitioner is traditionally trained. A practitioner unable to perform this technique is an ill-trained technician, not a physician.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Q's for Dr. Duckworth: Autumn's Seasonal Health Changes

Dr. Duckworth,

You have spoken in the past of seasonal changes affecting health. I am interested in knowing when the next (fall) shift is coming and what types of heath issues might be attached to this season’s changes? Thanks. Morris


Hi Morris

A week or so ago, it was about 100 degrees outside and someone noted that there was a feeling of autumn “in the air.” Very observant of that young man; he was correct, there was an energetic shift. Fall is far more than the space between Summer and Winter. It’s energetic manifestation is cooling and it can be sensed in August/Sept, before Fall weather actually sets in.

It is the space of growth completion, establishing order and preparing the body energetically for the journey inward that accompanies Winter.

Energetically, this is the season of the E dimension, the rhythmic order of the unfolding of the annual life cycle, the time and place of the development of our inner judgment. This is the energy of individuation, the development of the individual. It is of the rhythmic order leading to the harvest. At the psychic level, it is the space of systemic harmony. In traditional acupuncture, this aspect is identified as the ‘Metal’ element and is associated with the Lung / Large Intestine Meridian. When the E dimension is in a state of balance, ‘free will’ occurs; when there is a deficiency of E energy, then one becomes ‘enslaved’ to the thoughts and will of others; when there is an excess of E energy, one will suffer from an inaccurate sense of accomplishment. Energetically, balance leads to growth of vegetation and beings; deficiency defeats growth, stagnation occurs; excess quickens growth – veggies bolt, beings get restless.

Environmentally, E dimension is cooling, therefore, deficiency of E (Fall) shows out as scorching heat that can lead to shortness of breath, colds, and fatigue in upper limbs. Excess of E can lead to temporary deafness, red & painful eyes and sty’s. General toxicity shows as chest congestion, hemorrhoids, anguish, helplessness, sinus issues, bowel difficulties.

E dimension’s function is rhythmic order. Excessive (over-abundance of E Qi) can show as rapid & deep breath, cracked lips, non-productive cough; dry rough skin. Deficiency can show as cold hands & feet, loose stools, shallow respiration, never thirsty, cramps. Excess of energy may result in muscle knots.

Signs & symptoms of E dimension imbalance: Excretion- mucus, sound- whimpering, emotion – sorrow Sense of smell –strong or weak??

Dream-state diagnosis: Excessive - fright, flying/soaring thru the air. Deficiency -white objects in dream, cruel killing, war/battles. Reversal happens thru the Yang aspect of E dimension and the dreams are of fields and rural landscapes.

Diet will need to change. If you are energetically aligned with your environment, you will begin to crave potatoes and other root crops, perhaps more meat. You will start losing interest in very sweet foods & drinks. Each season has its own flavor, this is the time of pungent/spicy spices and foods with curry, red & green chile, pepper, garlic and ginger - in moderation. Pungent taste has the effect of dispersing. In excess, it can hurt the lungs and the large intestine; not enough can harm the lungs and large intestine. Excess can be modified with the bitter taste like dark greens. Rice, barley and oats are good grains for this season. To discharge toxicity, eat green peas, vinegar, lemon, tomato and radish, drink horehound tea and slippery elm tea. Best cooking method for this time of year, baking. Avoid: cold food & drink, cool clothing and mucus forming foods, especially dairy.

So, Morris, this is a brief answer to your question. I hope it helps.

Your mantra for the season: Be reserved, act from instinct, eat a peach.

Have a wonderful Autumn

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Questions for Dr. Duckworth: Youngest Patients?

Dear Dr. Duckworth,

How young are your most junior patients? What types of treatments do infants receive in your practice? I recently noticed a very young infant when visiting your clinic and was curious. Thanks, Franklin

Dear Franklin,

The youngest human I have read the pulses of and treated was about 15-minutes old. I was present in the birthing room, assisting her mother in the birth process (yes, with acupuncture and special bodywork). When she was born, her parents asked me to note her baseline ‘Jingei’ Pulse and perform touching diagnosis to assure she was functioning at her most optimal capacity as she ventured into life.

Since I do not attend births anymore, I must wait until parents bring me their infant. Quite commonly, a woman who has utilized my services as part of her pre-natal care, will bring her new-born to my practice within a few weeks of birth for a wellness check-up and energy balancing.

Unfortunately, most people, even many of my own patients, do not think to use Meridian Therapy as a preventive medicine and so, they do not bring me their young until the child is ill. Often they come to me AFTER they have gone to medical people who have pumped the poor child full of drugs and the condition has become chronic. Ben Franklin was talking about Kototama Meridian Therapy when he said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

The types of pediatric treatment include Shonishin, a system of stimulating the surface of the body, especially at ‘tsubo’ (“acupoints”) but also includes stimulating regions of the body in addressing certain issues; for example, stimulating the abdomen for digestive issues, rubbing the arms for respiratory problems, rubbing the legs for head colds, headache, back pain and leg/knee problems. There are tools of the trade that poke, brush, scrape and rub but I often go to the Dollar Store and buy a bunch of toothbrushes that I use as shonishin devices. I show the parents how they can treat their child at home and then I send them home with a shonishin tool that looks a lot like a toothbrush. Kids love the novelty and the involvement of mom and dad; they are more compliant, even reminding the parents to ‘brush me’.

We do a lot of Te A Te, Japanese Spiritual Handwork for structural problems, digestive issues, sleep problems, emotional issues, many issues. Te A Te is part and parcel of all my work, both children and adult.

Of course, diet definitely is part of pediatric care. The kitchen is the primary source of health and destruction. It is very common to find a child with chronic earaches who is consuming dairy products and dairy products with sugar (this combo is truly poisonous) or situations where the child is deprived of nutrition because packaged chewable crap, liquids saturated with high fructose corn syrup, McStomach rot and Toastee Pops. We treat everything except highly contagious diseases. What we deal with the most is ignorance, many forms of ignorance but that is treatable and I hope your letter of inquiry aids us in growth.

Thank you,

Dr. Duckworth